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The industry

Promomarbre Factory located in the industrial area of Ain Atiq - Temara is exclusively dedicated to the transformation of natural limestone. Equipped with the latest technologies in handling, sawing, and surface treatment machines, Promomarbre Factory processes around 10 000 m² per day, and exports more than 300 000 m² per year.

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A significant and constant investment in modern equipment on the one hand and highly qualified human resources on the other hand, has made it possible to very significantly increase the productivity of our quarries extractions and our production plant. Our fully robotized installation and our highly qualified industrial team allow us to:

  • Meet your expectations in any complicated coatings;

  • Provide significant means of production both in extraction, cutting and finishing; which allows us to answer quickly to significant demand in record time.

  • Propose innovative and adapted solutions. One of the major challenges of Promomarbre is to provide you with ready-to-install products that do not require any transformation on site, thus facilitating the management of your project and make it successful.

The factory is made up of several manufacturing centers

  • Technical Direction Office
  • Slabs cutting and finishing workshop
  • A block cutting workshop
  • Tiles cutting and finishing workshop
  • Massive pieces machinning workshop
  • Handmade finish workshop
  • Packaging workshop